RoZandra Graneau


Bachelor of Arts, Criminology, 1st Year 

Course: CSL 100 (Fall 2021) with Instructor Jay Friesen

Who was your community partner and can you describe the project objectives? 

Youth Restorative Action Project (YRAP). The project objectives were to provide support through general volunteering by working on a special project with one of the YRAP coordinators or providing support as a mentor for the young people the group comes across.

What was your biggest takeaway from your CSL placement? 

My biggest takeaway would be the importance of being truly adaptable in various situations.

How can you apply any newly gained knowledge/skills to your future endeavours (courses/employment/volunteering)?

I think that before I started my placement, I called myself adaptable because I believed that I could change how I behave in different situations when I was called to do so. However, while going through my coursework and the placement, I gained a reality check that made me observe critically how I truly acted towards the work I had to do on the project I worked on. I believe that the knowledge I have gained from my CSL experience has helped me to be more open-minded in general and it motivates me to one day be proud calling myself adaptable in any situation of my future endeavours.

What are some of the ways that COVID-19 has affected your community partner or your placement? 

COVID-19 has for sure affected the way in which I communicated with other students who were in the same placement as me. In situations where speaking face-to-face would have made collaborative work more efficient, the pandemic has made it somewhat difficult to do. However, finding those alternative forms of communication have made the experience workable to do in the span of an entire semester.