Academic Integrity & Accommodations

Students with accommodations are subject to the same academic standards and regulations of the University of Alberta as are students without accommodations.

In this time of change, academic integrity remains a priority. A shared commitment from students and instructors to the fundamental values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility ensures that students can continue to experience a meaningful and fulfilling education.

Instructors are encouraged to discuss academic integrity with the class, and to make their expectations around citation, working independently, and/or what resources are authorized for use in assignments, or during tests or exams, clear. For further support for instructors, please visit the Centre for Teaching and Learning or click here for resources related to academic integrity

Students must:

  • Give credit when using sources, including providing citations whenever they use someone else’s words, ideas or work.
  • Work independently and refrain from using aids, notes, technology, or assistance in assessments (including quizzes, tests, exams, and other assessments) unless they have specific permission from the instructor.
  • Keep all assignment or exam materials confidential and refrain from distributing, sharing or posting any of them, including through social media, chats, crowdsourcing or homework sites, or any other means unless they have specific permission from the instructor.
  • Ask the instructor if unsure of what is or is not allowed for a particular test or assignment.

The Code of Student Behaviour remains in effect, whether exams or assignments are written remotely or in-person, and regardless of whether students are eligible for or use accommodations of any kind. University procedures regarding those who engage in inappropriate academic behaviour are available in the Code of Student Behavior: