Accommodations Information for Instructors

The Dean of Students’ Office is working with instructors and departments to ensure all students who need an exam or other accommodations will get it. Our primary goal is to ensure instructors and students have the support they need.

We’re here to help. If you have questions, concerns or requests about accommodations, please reach out. You can contact the Academic Success Centre at for quick and personalized support. To request a proctored space, please contact

Increasing Accessibility to Exams and Other Materials 
Our new Accessibility Facilitator team is working with instructors and students to understand the needs of students as learners, the needs of faculty as teachers, and to bridge them with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) solutions whenever possible, with adaptations in some instances, and through accommodation when necessary. We have the goal of making exams and materials as accessible as possible for everyone.

Improving Automation and Communication 
We are piloting a new tool to improve the eClass dashboard which will make it easier for instructors to identify students with accommodations. The tool provides a convenient listing of any students who are approved for academic accommodations for a particular course including the course-level accommodations as well as the specific exams the students have registered in in order to access their accommodations. The custom tool, developed as a collaboration between eClass and the Academic Success Centre, was released in Fall 2021 as an open beta and feedback is still being collected. 

The process required to upgrade our accessibility software, Clockwork, is also underway. The upgrade of Clockwork is expected to be completed in Spring 2022. We do anticipate some technical challenges and are doing all that we can to limit their impact on instructors. 

Academic Accommodations Overview

Most instructors will teach some students with disabilities throughout their careers. These students will be among the more than 1,600 undergraduate and graduate students who are registered for accommodations with the Academic Success Centre.

Since the instructor's role is central to the student's learning experience, our office tends to collaborate closely and frequently with you, together with our shared students, throughout the academic year.

Course Accommodations

There are a variety of course accommodations that will require us to collaborate with you and your students in order to provide successful learning environments. Learn more.

Exam Accommodations

We encourage you to review the descriptions of exam accommodations available (e.g., time accommodations, computer, alternate format, scribe) and understand your role in the exam accommodation process. Learn more.