Accommodations Eligibility & Registration

Disability-related accommodations are available to students with documented permanent disabilities affecting mobility, vision, hearing, learning, and physical or mental health. 

All accommodations are based on documentation provided by students' qualified, certified health practitioners (e.g., physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists). Verification of disability documentation describes the permanence and functional impacts of students’ conditions in relation to participation in post-secondary learning environments. Functional impacts are dependent on students’ specific conditions and include, among others: fatigue, anxiety and stress, reduced or no perception of visual or auditory information, cognitive processing challenges, distractibility, reduced attention, difficulties encoding/decoding information, spatial navigation and movement challenges, difficulty with written or speech expression, and difficulty manipulating or carrying objects. 

The University of Alberta Academic Success Centre assesses students’ verification of disability documentation and approves accommodations that help to mitigate the functional impacts of students’ conditions. Depending on their approved accommodations, eligible students meet with accommodation service providers (such as adaptive technologists, alternate format specialists, interpretation and transcription service providers, and academic strategists), learn about their accommodation responsibilities, and organize accommodations for their courses and that they manage themselves.

If students’ conditions change or students receive new diagnoses, accommodations may be reassessed and updated.

If students do not currently have appropriate documentation or are currently unable to access recent documentation, they may be eligible for interim accommodations under limited circumstances for up to one academic term and/or during the process of obtaining appropriate documentation. Students will be required to submit appropriate documentation to receive accommodations beyond this time frame. If documentation is not provided, or the results of assessments indicate that no disability can be established, they are referred to other university services for support.