Writing Cafés for Graduate Students

Writing Services offers free group writing support to graduate students at the U of A. Our Virtual Writing Cafés provide a small and informal atmosphere for you to focus on your writing goals with the support of a Graduate Writing Specialist. All cafés are held over Google Meet. Your facilitator will schedule and host all sessions.

Virtual Writing Café
Monday Afternoons

Are you looking to make progress on your thesis this semester? Join a Virtual Writing Café. The Write-In offers graduate students a chance to feel a sense of community and establish some accountability. We meet online on Monday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:00. We spend part of the time discussing a writing resource, and we use the remainder of the time to write. To join this writing group, please email write@ualberta.ca. Current U of A graduate students who are actively writing a thesis are eligible to join. Members are encouraged to attend regularly. Please note that registration is capped at 15 participants.

(NEW) Virtual Writing Café
Tuesday Afternoons
Accepting new registrations.

This group focuses on writing wellness, and provides a space for dedicated writing time with a special interest in strategies for avoiding burnout and writing through burnout. The group opens with a discussion dedicated to evidence-based strategies that we then put into practice as we write individually before coming together again at the end of the session to discuss how our writing went that day. We meet Tuesday afternoons from 2:00 to 4:00, and registration is limited to 15 participants. Students who are interested in joining can email write@ualberta.ca.

Virtual Writing Café 
Monday and Wednesday Mornings

This group is intended for current U of A graduate students who are starting to write their thesis. Each week, you will learn strategies to cultivate a sustainable writing practice, experiment with various approaches to productivity, and spend 60-70 minutes writing with your peers. If you are looking to join a community that will provide motivation and support through the joys and challenges of working through your first chapter, please email write@ualberta.ca. Registration will close once we have 15 participants.

Virtual Writing Café
Friday Afternoons

Do you need additional motivation to finish your thesis or dissertation? If you are a University of Alberta graduate student in search of some positive peer pressure, this Virtual Writing Café might just be the place for you. Comprised of graduate students who meet every Friday to write (and commiserate), this writing group will provide a consistent space where you can work alongside a community of students to regain momentum. Meetings run from 2:00 to 4:00. Students who are interested in joining can email write@ualberta.ca. Spaces are limited and registration will close as soon as we have 15 participants.