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Welcome to our peer tutor bio page for Writing Services. Please read on to find out more about our great team of peer tutors. Our peer tutors work with U of A undergraduate students across disciplines. To book an appointment, please see our booking page.

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Rachel (she/her) is a PhD Candidate in anthropology. She is researching lead exposure in ancient Greeks through analysis of bones and teeth from the Roman period. Rachel loves writing and would be happy to help you with your class writing assignments, research pieces, application statements, and more during any stage of the writing process, whether that be brainstorming, outlining, writing, or polishing.

Raytha is a PhD student in Ecology and has experience with many types of scientific writing, including project proposals and lab reports, but loves working with all types of writing assignments. They enjoy helping people communicate their ideas and become confident writers. In their off time, Raytha likes gaming, cooking, and hiking.

Rebekah is a PhD Candidate in Bioscience. She has been working as a writing tutor since 2019 and particularly enjoys helping students in the earlier stages of the writing process (e.g., planning, formulating ideas on paper) but is happy to help students at any stage of writing. When Rebekah is not tutoring you can find her tending to her 80+ houseplants, baby bunnies, tropical fish, and playful dog (who may sometimes make an appearance in the background during tutoring sessions!)

Renée is a doctoral student interested in the genetic pathways involved in development of the brain. While well-versed in lab report and science writing, she is happy to help with any types of assignment students may bring. Outside of her studies, Renée is enthusiastic about science communication, baking, bouldering and her dog, Leela.

Yaghma is a PhD student in the Department of English and Film Studies. She has experience working with English language learners and has also worked as a Teaching Assistant at EFS here at the UofA. She would be happy to help you with your writing, whether you’re brainstorming for an upcoming assignment or hoping to get feedback on a completed draft.

Sabrina is a Molecular Biology and Genetics PhD student studying how cells communicate with each other during embryonic development. Sabrina believes that effective communication is vital to the scientific process. Although Sabrina is and is enthusiastic about assisting students with research proposals, lab reports, and other types of STEM writing, she is happy to help students in any discipline. When not in the lab or tutoring, Sabrina enjoys reading, watching movies and TV, and cuddling her two rescue cats Jam and Jelly.

Jaysin is an undergraduate honours student in Literary and Cultural Studies who engages with the intersections of sociolinguistics, translation, and gender studies. When it comes to tutoring, they enjoy working across writing genres--from cover letters to articles for publication--assisting with various concerns, ranging from overall organisation, to sentence structure, and special grammatical cases. Outside of work, they spend their time playing piano and taking their cat for walks around their neighbourhood.

Sam (they) graduated with a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Biology and minoring in English Language Arts. After working as a public school educator, Sam is now continuing their own education as an after-degree student; currently, their major is Psychology and their minor is Women and Gender Studies (WGS). Sam is passionate about exploring new ideas together and finding effective strategies to highlight writers' strengths. Sam enjoys making art, teaching science with Legos, and spending time with their two cats. They are looking forward to working with you!

Julia is a graduate student in Canadian history with a BA in English, drama and French. She is interested in women’s history, writing studies, and gender studies and enjoys working with students from all disciplines on clarity, concision, and organization in their writing. She understands that developing your writing skills is a lifelong process, and looks forward to supporting other writers at every point in their development. Outside of the writing centre, Julia can be found reading, performing, or petting cats.

Charis is a graduate student in English and Film Studies focused on Children's Literature.

Anindita has completed her M.A in English from Jawaharlal Nehru University. She has presented her research on various platforms including Holocaust Research Institute at Royal Holloway, University of Southern California, and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Her research interests span across Post-war Literature and Philosophy, the Holocaust, Twentieth-Century European and East European Literature, and Classical Reception Studies. In her doctoral dissertation, she is working Lamentations in Holocaust Literature. She is also a poet, and her first book of poems 'Nothing and Variations' (Hawakal Publishers) appeared in 2022 and have been featured as the top ten young Indian voices.

Hello! My name is Matthew and I am a psychology student at the UofA. I have had a variety of experience in writing across multiple disciplines during my undergrad and I look forward to working with helping others improve their writing experience.

My name is Brooklyn and I am a third year undergraduate student majoring in Classics and minoring in Creative Writing. The majority of my degree involves research papers and exploring specific scopes of research pertaining to a topic. As well, my interests in creative writing flourished over the past couple years and I enjoy any opportunity to incorporate creativity into my academic writing whenever possible. In my free time I like to go on walks with my dog Zoey and hangout at my favourite cafe!

Andy is a graduate student studying digital humanities and library information sciences. His favourite drink is bottomless diner coffee and he believes in em dash superiority.

My name is Aon and my pronouns are they/them. I am a graduate student in the English Department at the University of Alberta, and I love reading all sorts of writings - creative, academic, scientific, etc. I am excited to work with students on their writing and assignments.