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The Centre for Writers (C4W) offers free one-on-one and group writing support to all students, staff, and alumni at the U of A - in any subject, discipline, program, or faculty, and at all levels of study. We offer one-on-one live tutoring and eTutoring, workshops, Guided Writing Instruction Groups, and Class Group Tutoring. Our peer writing tutors can help with any type of assignment (research papers, theses, creative writing, grant proposals, résumés, and more).

Summer 2022 Dates

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Services and Programs

Live Tutoring

Book up to two 30-minute appointments a week with a tutor for live online tutoring. Appointments can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance. To book a live tutoring appointment, click the link below and select the “Live Tutoring - Summer 2022” schedule before logging in.

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Book an eTutoring appointment to receive written feedback on your writing. One of our eTutors will return your writing with feedback within 3 business days. To book an eTutoring appointment, click the link below and select the “eTutoring - Summer 2022” schedule before logging in.

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Notice: Please review and follow the C4W Policies before you meet with an online tutor or submit your writing for written feedback.

"The Super Awesome Grad Writing Café for Super Awesome Grad Writers (and Postdocs)"

Are you having trouble making progress with your writing due to a hectic schedule, procrastination, feeling stuck, lack of motivation or any number of other reasons? Are you experiencing feelings of guilt or anxiety because you are not as productive as you would like to be? You are not alone. Writing is hard, and while nobody can do it for you, we can definitely create a space that allows you to show up for your writing on a regular basis. Join us every Tuesday morning at 9 am for a quick writing tip and goal-setting session followed by 90 minutes of dedicated writing time. Can’t make it for 9 am?  Drop in anytime between 9 and 11 am; we will be there!

Save This ZOOM Link in Your Calendar to Start Writing!

Join us every Tuesday morning throughout Spring/Summer terms.

Guided Writing Instruction Groups 

Funded writing groups for international graduate students are offered in the Fall and Winter terms.

Class Group Tutoring

This program offers course-embedded writing support to instructors and students in undergraduate writing-intensive courses.

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