Question, Persuade, Refer Training

Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)-is a certified suicide prevention training program that provides community education and engagement in addressing suicide. It is a gatekeeper training that teaches faculty, staff, and students the skills to recognize and support people who may be having thoughts of suicide. This training provides campus individuals with essential skills to prevent suicide. Through this training our campus community will become stronger and more able to help provide support to one another.

Benefits of QPR Training

In this certificate training program you will learn how to question a person about suicide, persuade the person to get help, and refer the person to the appropriate resources. QPR is not intended to be a form of counselling or treatment; rather, it is a community awareness initiative that helps prevent suicide.

You will also learn the myths and facts about suicide, skills for identifying warning signs and clues about suicidal thought, the steps for preventing suicide: Question, Persuade, Refer, and the social services that exist on campus and in the Edmonton community for people struggling with thoughts of suicide.

Upcoming Sessions

QPR Training is open to all students, staff, and faculty at the U of A. If you are signed up for the Community Helpers Program or have taken it in the past, you do not need to take a QPR training session separately - QPR training is included in the Community Helpers Program.

All training sessions are on North Campus unless otherwise specified.

Upcoming Sessions

Online Registration Opens

Wednesday, March 25, 2019
9:30-11:30 a.m.

Dates and times subject to change prior to registration.

LivingWorks Training

Now, more than ever suicide prevention skills are essential for providing care to one another. As many people struggle with stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 crisis our team has been working to find a solution to fill this need and assist our community members (you) in acquiring these skills.  

While we work on shifting the QPR curriculum online, we are excited to introduce you to the wonderful and engaging online training offered by international leaders in suicide prevention and intervention training; LivingWorks.

Having received training from LivingWorks ourselves, we highly recommend this training for those looking to learn more about suicide, how to approach the topic, and how support those whom they suspect are contemplating taking their own lives.

The great thing about the training is that it can be completed on your laptop, phone or tablet, you can leave and come back to it at any time, and it takes approximately the same amount of time as attending our in-person QPR sessions.  Additionally, there are a number of practice scenarios for you to hone your skills.  

If you would like more information, please visit the LivingWorks Canada site at  Should you have any questions about the applicability of this training for you or your group, please feel free to contact us at  Please note that at this time there is a $20/person fee collected by LivingWorks to participate in their training.

For students: Learn about other training opportunities that focus on mental health and explore free drop-in workshops offered by Counselling and Clinical Services.

For faculty and staff: To learn about additional training and resources about mental health and how you can support students, visit Counselling and Clinical Services.