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Education is key to facilitating meaningful change on our campus. At the University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre (UASAC) we work to raise awareness of sexual violence, share supportive skills, and contribute to a culture of consent. Our Education Programme can support your educational goals in many ways, such as hosting an interactive workshop, providing pre-recorded presentations and videos, or handouts and resources on topics relevant to your group. 

Although best practices indicate that in-person engagement is an essential component of shifting harmful attitudes and beliefs related to sexual violence, we also recognize the importance of continuing to make this information available to our campus community throughout the pandemic. As such, the UASAC’s Education Programming is currently being offered remotely.

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Working for Change

This presentation explores the definitions of sexual assault and harassment, the concept of consent, and skills to support survivors of sexual violence, granting participants a deeper understanding of the issue and ability to uplift and support survivors. 

Working for Change has been created to fit easily into class periods or student group/staff meetings. We can also tailor the length of the workshop to the needs of your specific class or group.

Specialty Workshops

We believe that the best educational workshops are ones that are interactive and collaborative, so we would love to work with you and your group to create a workshop that best suits your needs.

Our current educational offerings are:

Supporting Survivors
Participants will learn more about the impacts of sexual violence on survivors, common blocks to communication while supporting, and ways to have a supportive conversation.
Responding to Disclosures
This workshop is designed for those who find themselves receiving disclosures of sexual violence as a part of their role at the University of Alberta. Participants will discuss the University’s Sexual Violence Policy and ways to ensure compassionate responses are provided to survivors who choose to disclose while also adhering to the policy.
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Intended for graduate students, participants will discuss their responsibilities as people who provide supervision and or mentorship to others as well as their rights in receiving supervision themselves. They will also learn about resources and supports available at the University of Alberta for those who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.
The University of Alberta Sexual Violence Policy Information Session

This workshop serves as an introduction to sections of the Sexual Violence Policy that are relevant to student leaders, clubs, and groups affiliated with the University. This workshop is intended to provide information and space for participants to discuss issues of sexual violence relevant to their group and it’s members while also learning about resources and support available at the University of Alberta.

** If groups are interested in further updating/developing their own group’s constitution, policies, or protocols as it relates to adhering to the University of Alberta Sexual Violence Policy, staff are able to provide ongoing consultation.
If you would like to request one of the above workshops--or if you are interested in learning about a topic not listed here--please fill out our Educational Request Form by clicking the button above.

First Responder Training

With support from the Government of Alberta, and Status of Women Canada, the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services (AASAS) developed First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse Training™. This is a comprehensive online training, inclusive of the full continuum of sexual violence and its impacts across the lifespan. It is currently offered to the campus community by staff at the UASAC. The training is intended to build the capacity of professionals, paraprofessionals, and community members to assess and respond effectively to disclosures of sexual assault and sexual abuse. This is important because we know that survivors who receive safe and supportive responses to disclosures of sexual violence are more likely to reach out for help from medical and counselling services, and/or report to police. For more information on this training, or to register as an individual participant for the next community training, click here

To inquire about booking this training for your group (minimum 12 participants), please contact the Education Programme Coordinators at

Registration fee: $250.00/person.

Please Note: Social workers participating in this course will receive thirteen hours towards their continuing education.

To request a workshop or additional educational materials, please fill out our Educational Request Form by clicking the button above. For any further questions about the UASAC’s Education Programme, please email the UASAC Education Programme Coordinators at


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