Engaging with the issue of sexual violence is key to facilitating meaningful change on our campus. Since 1993, our Centre has provided workshops and raised awareness about the issue of sexual violence.

Upcoming workshops

These workshops are offered on an ongoing basis and are open to anyone in the U of A campus community. Click “find a time” to see upcoming dates!

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence

Learn how to support and uplift the survivors in our lives.

In this participatory workshop, you’ll learn about the impacts of sexual violence, discuss the building blocks of a supportive conversation, and practice tapping into your empathetic self.

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Boundaries & Communication

Explore how we know and communicate our boundaries.

In this participatory workshop, you’ll explore how we know what we do or don’t want, discuss situations where cultural factors might complicate consent, and unpack how a fear of rejection shapes how we understand our own and others’ boundaries.

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Building a Culture of Consent

Imagine a campus community free of sexual violence.

In this participatory workshop, you’ll explore the ways in which our culture creates the context for sexual violence to occur, discuss what would look different in a culture of consent, and brainstorm actions we can take to start shifting the values of our own communities.

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UASAC Building a Culture of Consent on Campus eClass Course

A new, comprehensive online course on eClass open to the entire U of A community. 

Learn foundational information about sexual violence and how to recognize it, what consent is and is not, why sexual violence happens and how to support those in our lives who have experienced it. 

This course is open to anyone looking to learn more about sexual violence and can be a great building block for understanding how sexual violence shows up in our lives and communities. 

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Specialty Workshops

Looking for a workshop just for your group? We offer tailored workshops on a case-by-case basis.

Specialty workshops may include:

Faculty & Staff: Responding to Disclosures

This workshop is designed for faculty & staff looking to understand their responsibilities under the U of A Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Policy. Topics include creating safe environments for students and employees, providing compassionate responses to folks who have experienced sexual violence, and making referrals to other supports on campus.

Student Leaders’ Rights and Responsibilities

This workshop is intended for students on campus who act as leaders in their community such as student-staff, volunteers, student group executives, and graduate students. We will discuss your responsibilities as people who provide supervision, guidance, or services to others and your rights in receiving supervision and/or instruction yourself. You will also learn about resources and supports available at the U of A for those who have experienced sexual violence.

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First Responder Training

With support from the Government of Alberta and Status of Women Canada, the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services (AASAS) developed First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse Training™

First Responder Training is intended to build participants’ capacity to assess and respond effectively to disclosures of sexual violence. Over two days, the training will cover what sexual violence is, the impacts of experiences of sexual violence, skills important to responding to disclosures, and resources and referrals.

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