Event Organizer Training

Event Organizer Training (EOT) is an in-person training session presented by the Student Event Risk Management Coordinator that covers an introduction to event policies and procedures on campus, event planning basics, risk assessment and management processes, and guidelines for holding alcohol events on or off campus.

EOT is regularly scheduled throughout the year, with more sessions held in the Fall Term. Training is valid for 2 calendar years from the date it was taken, and is tied to the individual student who took the training (meaning the training can be valid for more than one group if you are a member of multiple groups). Each group holding an event with alcohol is required to have a minimum of 2 students who are EOT trained and who will act as the Primary Event Organizer (PEO) and Secondary Event Organizer (SEO) for the event.

Upcoming Event Organizer Training Dates

  • Please register in one of the following sessions below. If registration for the event is not yet live (i.e. tickets are not yet available), please check back closer to the event date. Check back regularly for new session announcements.
  • 1. Who needs to take EOT?
    It is encouraged that you have multiple members of your group complete this training so that you are never stuck without someone who can act as PEO or SEO for your events. Typically, individuals who tend to take this training are in a VP Events role, on an events planning committee, or are willing to act as the PEO and SEO for your event. EOT is open to any student group member who wishes to learn more about planning events and the policies and procedures around events for student groups. Remember, you need a minimum of two people with EOT for any event involving alcohol.
  • 2. How long is EOT valid for?
    Event Organizer Training is valid for 2 calendar years from the date it was taken. For example, if you took training on May 1, 2018, it is valid until May 1, 2020. EOT is valid for any group that you are a member of as it is tied to the individual student, not the specific group.
  • 3. When is the deadline to take EOT?
    Each student group is required to have one person in the group with valid Event Organizer Training. Otherwise, you must ensure that you have two people with valid EOT to act as the Primary and Secondary Event Organizer for any event you have with alcohol as a component. The SERM Coordinator will verify each PEO and SEO's Event Organizer Training for events with alcohol to ensure you meet the requirement.
  • 4. What should I bring to the session?
    You should bring a pen, a notebook, or computer - anything you need to take notes. A physical EOT Handbook will be provided to each participant. Please bring any food you require with you to the session, as none will be provided.
  • 5. How do I get ProServe Training?
    Registered student group members can receive an access code to complete ProServe free of charge by requesting a code via this form. Once completed, a picture or screenshot of your card should be emailed to sgevents@ualberta.ca along with your first and last name, ualberta email address, and full student group name to be recorded on file.