Nominate Your Mentor

2021 Mentor Award recipients

Early Career Faculty: Dr. Sarah Nadi, Assistant Professor in Computing Science

Established Faculty: Dr. Heather Proctor, Professor in Biological Sciences

Trainee (Graduate Students & PDFs): Cerrise Weiblen, Graduate student in Biological Sciences

Research Staff: Dr. Beate Sydora, Research Associate in Obstetrics & Gynecology

The University of Alberta Award for Outstanding Mentorship in Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities is a student-nominated award that recognizes those mentors that go above and beyond to help empower students to accomplish their goals and to foster the next generation of researchers.

The award is offered in four categories:

  • Early career faculty: faculty members who have held a faculty position at the U of A for 5 years or less
  • Established faculty: faculty members who have held a faculty position at the U of A for more than 5 years
  • Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows
  • Research/technical staff (including non-academic staff)

Recipients in each category will be recognized with a certificate and a letter to their Dean, Chair, or immediate supervisor (as applicable), highlighting their commitment to high-quality undergraduate research mentorship.

If you have questions related to this award, contact us at

Nomination Process

Mentors must be nominated by a current or previous student who has worked with them as an undergraduate researcher within the past four years.

Nominations are judged by a multidisciplinary committee of undergraduate students and graduate students, based on how they demonstrate an outstanding commitment to the following pillars of mentorship:

  • Personal support 
  • Professional support
  • Intellectual support 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I nominate multiple people?
Yes! You can nominate more than one person. If you were co-supervised and wish to nominate both of your supervisors for a single mentorship experience, then you can submit one nomination with two nominees listed. If you are nominating mentors individually (i.e. not as co-supervisors), then you must submit one form for each mentor.
Can a group of students nominate a single mentor?
Multiple students can nominate the same mentor, but each student must submit their own, original nomination. Duplicate nominations will not be sent for adjudication.
Should I use personal examples or keep it general?
Students are encouraged to provide detailed specific examples that demonstrate how their mentor has supported them and to provide sufficient context for the adjudicators to evaluate your nomination.