Enrich Your Research Experience

If you are currently involved in an undergraduate research project, URI is here to help you make the most of the experience. Feel free to contact us with questions about any stage of the research process - if we can't help you, we probably know someone who can!

Use the following resources to enrich your research experience both during and after your project!

U of A resources

Academic Success Centre
The Academic Success Centre offers a variety of workshops, seminars and consultations to assist students with their academic goals, including effective writing and presentation skills. Learn more.
Career Centre
Whether you're looking for a job, fine-tuning your work search tools, or exploring what you can do with your degree, the Career Centre can help you effectively manage your career. Learn more.
Centre for Writers
The Centre for Writers offers free, individualized tutoring in any discipline on any type of writing assignment or project. Learn more.
eHUB provides mentorship, support & physical space for students looking to launch a start-up. Students from all different faculties can visit, share their ideas, build teams, meet investors, and work on their start-up projects. Learn more.
Environmental Health & Safety
The Environmental Health & Safety office provides guidance and training on all aspects of health and safety, including laboratory safety (e.g. chemicals, biohazards, radioisotopes, etc.). Several online training modules are available for student to learn about safe working practices in research environments. Learn more.
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Thinking about applying to graduate school? The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research has information about graduate programs, application processes, and funding for graduate studies. Learn more.
Field Research Office
The Field Research Office provides a "one-stop" centre for information pertaining to off-campus research activities, including centralized access to information on training requirements and on how to obtain training for field researchers, and assistance with problems that they may encounter in obtaining training and/or field permits or during the conduction of field research. Learn more.
Who is a researcher's most powerful ally? A librarian, of course! Whether you are an undergraduate student starting out with a research project or a mentor looking for resources to help support your project (or your student's project), your liaison librarian is a great place to start! The URI works closely with U of A Libraries to help support students with their research needs. Be sure to check out the Undergraduate Research LibGuide for specific undergraduate research resources! Learn more.
Research Ethics Office
If your research involves human subjects, animals, or biohazardous materials, you will need to obtain research ethics approval for your project, and you may need to undertake relevant ethics training. The Research Ethics Office oversees all aspects of ethics review, approval, training, and post-approval monitoring of research at the University of Alberta. Learn more.
Statistics Consulting Centre
The Statistics Consulting Centre provides statistical advice and support to the research community at the U of A. Researchers may schedule a limited number of short (30 min) consulting appointments to get assistance with research-related statistical issues. Learn more.

Other resources

Bitesize Bio
Professional development tips for young researchers -- from time management, to fostering effective collaborations, to giving and receiving constructive feedback. Some technical resources and webinars are specifically oriented toward biologists, but many of the career-related resources translate across disciplines. Learn more.
Council on Undergraduate Research
Extensive directory of North American resources for undergraduate research, including undergraduate journals and conferences. Learn more.
Career management tool for graduate students in humanities and social sciences - log in and create a profile to explore where a graduate degree might take you, and discover resources to support your professional development. Great tool for students considering graduate school to explore various options. Learn more.
Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Over 200 free writing support resources, including citation guides, common grammar questions, and tips for writing graduate school applications. Learn more.
Undergrad in the Lab
One of our favourite undergraduate research resources! Although the site is geared toward students in the sciences, much of the advice is applicable across disciplines. Learn more.
WebGURU: A Guide for Undergraduate Research
An interactive web-based tool intended to help undergraduates navigate the world of research. Learn more.