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A Military and Veteran Friendly Campus (MVFC) initiative was launched by the University of Alberta in February 2021 with funding from the Government of Alberta. This video is intended as an information, communication and awareness resource for students and staff, other post-secondary institutions, and MVFC partners in the province of Alberta and beyond. Inclusive of interviews with currently serving military and Veteran students, faculty and staff, the video shines a particular light on the student experience. Further information can be obtained from the website or by emailing

About the Military and Veteran Friendly Campus Initiative

A Military and Veteran Friendly Campus (MVFC) initiative was launched by the University of Alberta in February 2021 with funding from the Government of Alberta. It has been co-lead by the U of A’s Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) and the Heroes in Mind, Advocacy and Research Consortium (HiMARC) in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, in active collaboration with Veteran Affairs Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the greater community. The MVFC initiative will be sustained for the foreseeable future.

The MVFC initiative aims to (1) support the academic success of Military Members serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, Veteran students transitioning into the civilian world, and their families; (2) draw on the leadership and professionalism of Military and Veteran students for the public good; (3) co-design a shareable toolkit of best practices and policies with and for post-secondary institutions (colleges, polytechnics, universities), the Canadian Armed Forces, and Veterans Affairs Canada and broader community; and (4) establish a collaborative Alberta Military and Veteran Friendly Campus Network.

As a demonstration site, the U of A is evolving a system of support and services for Canadian military members and Veterans, and promoting proactive partnerships across service providers, between institutions, and with the Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans Affairs Canada and the greater community. To enable provincial spread and scale of MVFCs, the MVFC team is also co-designing a MVFC toolkit and building a provincial MVFC network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the designated post-secondary institutions in Alberta and across Canada?

Find designated learning institutions:

What programs are military members and Veterans eligible for?

Military members and Veterans can apply for many programs offered by post-secondary institutions. Prospective students are encouraged to review admissions requirements and application deadlines as they vary by program and institution. 

Career counselling is available through the U of A Career Centre or VAC Career and Transition Services . The Student Service Centre can help with any admissions, programs, and eligibility questions.

How do I apply for Post-Secondary Education?

Interested in applying for post secondary education? See the Apply Alberta website and follow their steps of the application process

How do I apply to the U of A?

Interested in applying to the University of Alberta? Learn more about the admissions process.

Will my prior military training count as credits toward my academic program?

Post-secondary institutions appreciate the wealth of experience military members and Veterans bring. Each institution and program handles credits differently. Some institutions can help you explore your prior learning assessment and credit recognition (PLAR) options.

At the U of A, the MVFC team can provide assistance. MVFC partners can learn more about PLAR by contacting

What kind of scholarships or subsidies exist for military members and Veterans?

Military members may be eligible for funding through the Canadian Armed Forces through education and training pathways. 

Veterans may be eligible for the  Education and Training Benefit through Veteran Affairs Canada. Veterans may also qualify for scholarships like the  Alex Decoteau Scholarship of Honour , which are specially tailored to Veterans. After applying to a program, Veterans can fill out a single application and be assessed for scholarships and awards.

Scholarships and loans are also available to students. At the U of A, please see scholarships and loans

What supports do post-secondary institutions, including the U of A, offer to military and Veteran students?

Several post-secondary institutions across Alberta and Canada have been providing support services to address the unique strengths and needs of military and Veteran students. As a demonstration site in Alberta, the U of A provides these students with wraparound academic, financial, social and mental health support that leverages existing services at the U of A and collaborates with the Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada to ensure student success.

How can military and Veteran students access MVFC resources?

All current students, including military members and Veterans, have full access to existing student services available at the post-secondary institution in which they are enrolled. At the U of A, these include academic support, health and wellness services, as well as military and Veteran-specific student resources available through student services and the MVFC team.

How can Post-Secondary Institutions and Network Partners learn more?

Contact our MVFC team by emailing

Meetings with Post-Secondary Institutions and Partners in Alberta occur each month. Please contact the MVFC team by emailing for more information.

The Canadian Military, Veteran and Family-Connected Campus Consortium (CMVF3C) meets every 2nd Friday of the month at 1200 ET / 1000 MT. Please see the CMVF3C website  for further details or email


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