Dean of Student Committees and Collaboration

Academic Integrity Council

The Academic Integrity Council (AIC) is an advisory body created to advise Student Conduct and Accountability (SCA) about the best use of resources in promoting academic integrity and to give various people at the University of Alberta who have an interest in and/or responsibility for promoting academic integrity a place to meet and to potentially share resources or develop joint projects. The AIC is also a place for members to discuss emerging issues and brainstorm ways to address current and foreseeable challenges related to academic integrity.

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ACCESS Youth Council

The ACCESS Youth Council aims to achieve the goals of ACCESS Open Minds, as well as

  • improve youth engagement in mental wellness and community supports;
  • provide early access to resiliency-based resources through online and in-person initiatives; and
  • to provide a range of appropriate interventions.

Facilitated by the U of A Community Social Work Team, the ACCESS Youth Council is a student-led committee that works closely with the ACCESS Committee to support a youth-centric focus.

Coalition for Action on High-Risk Drinking

The Coalition for Action on High-Risk Drinking (CAHRD) is a group of University and other representatives who, in some way, interact with students who may be engaging in high-risk drinking behaviours. This can result in a number of problems for students, including health problems, academic difficulty, disciplinary action and addiction, among others. The members of CAHRD seek to help students make responsible choices around their drinking by providing resources and information.

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Council on Student Affairs

The Council on Student Affairs (COSA) exists to better the quality of student life at the University of Alberta. As such, the Council focuses on student life on campus, paying particular attention to the range and quality of student services programs in operation; acts as a forum for discussion of matters affecting the quality of student life; ensures communication and cooperation among all offices and organizations which provide services affecting students, and more.

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Dean of Students' Advisory Committee

The Dean of Students' Advisory Committee strives to enhance the overall student experience at the University of Alberta. Chaired by the Dean of Students, the committee provides an opportunity for students to ask questions and give feedback on programs, services, and initiatives coordinated through the Office of the Dean of Students.

DoS Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Working Group

The DoS Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Working Group focuses on:

  • Providing and sharing EDI education and training opportunities for DoS staff;
  • Understanding the existing EDI analysis and lens in current policies, programs and initiatives;
  • Applying an EDI lens to new policies, programs and initiatives;
  • Providing good practice guidelines (that may include language and a framework) to support an EDI organizational culture in the portfolio; and,
  • Collecting and sharing data on our current state and progress with regard to EDI initiatives in the portfolio.

Student Advisors' Conference

The Program Planning Committee is responsible for the planning and organizing of the Student Advisors' Conference. This event allows post-secondary employees the opportunity to enhance their professional skills, and become familiar with new challenges and initiatives at post-secondary institutions across Alberta.