Coursework consists of 18 graduate-level credits in total (6 x 3*)

TWO required 3 credit seminars on dramatic theory (DR 608 and 609)
THREE additional seminars or courses at graduate level
ONE Practical requirement in theatre practice

A maximum of ONE course can be taken outside of the Department of Drama. Students can also register for one directed reading/special project course (DR 605), as part of their courseload.

Coursework is selected by the student in consultation with their supervisor, and the Graduate Coordinator.

The five seminar courses are expected to take one year to complete. By the end of their seminar coursework, students should normally have completed their ethics requirement (if they have not already done so at the Master's level).

Students are encouraged to participate in at least one conference; prepare at least one course syllabus, teach at least one class as a guest lecturer; and/or act as a teaching assistant for at least one 3-credit undergraduate course, while receiving practical pedagogical training from the primary professor of that course.

Additional requirements:

In addition to coursework, students must display competence in at least one language other than English, notably in the language most necessary for completion of their research. Students can fulfill this requirement by passing a translation test administered by the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, or can elect to take an approved language course or approved equivalent, achieving a minimum grad of C+. Completion of a language requirement for an MA degree may satisfy the requirement for the PhD, provided proficiency was demonstrated no earlier than two years before the start of the PhD.