What events are part of this program?
Currently, we are hosting one or two lectures per year on topics related to any aspect of the Philippines or the Filipino diaspora. We hope to expand this scope in the future to include other kinds of cultural and educational programming.

Who can attend events?
Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you are affiliated with the University of Alberta

Do you offer classes on the Philippines or Tagalog language?
Currently, we do not offer any classes on these subjects. We hope to be able to develop for-credit courses in the future, if we are able to raise the money to do so.

Does this lecture series represent the viewpoint of the government of the Philippines?
No. While we are grateful to the government of the Philippines for endowing this lecture series, our agreement with them does not specify that speakers should take any particular viewpoint, and we actively seek for diverse views from potential speakers we approach.

How can I contribute?
If you would like to get involved with our program, or would like to help us raise funds to expand what we can do with Philippines-related education on campus, please email us at easia@ualberta.ca.