Bachelor of Arts (Economics) Major

Course Requirements  for a Major  in Economicsa

Major in Economics

ECON 101 and 102, MATH 114 or equivalent, STAT 151 or equivalent, ECON 281, 282, 299, 384, 385, 399, plus a minimum of *12 in ECON options at the 200-level or above, of which at least *6 must be at the 400-level. A maximum of *48 can be taken in ECON courses at the 200-level or above.

Please remember that you are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of your program and registration.

Requirements and Suggested Course Sequence for a Major in Economics

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

ECON 101

ECON 281

ECON 384


ECON 102

ECON 282

ECON 385


MATH 114

ECON 299

ECON 399


STAT 151


18 Additional Creditsb

21 Additional Credits

21 Additional Credits

18 Additional Credits

a.       These requirements pertain only to the major/minor program in Economics. Students registered in a Bachelor of Arts degree program must also fulfill the general requirements set out in the Calendar of the year of entry or re-entry.  Complete regulations can be found in the University Calendar. 

If you have questions concerning the general (non-departmental) requirements of your degree, contact Arts Undergraduate Student Services, located in 1-17 Humanities Centre or email:

For questions concerning department requirements, or for registration issues (Economics courses only), please contact the Undergraduate Advisor

b.       The ‘Additional Credits’ refer to either BA Core course requirements, credits to be taken as part of the minor requirements, or options.

GPA Requirements for a Major in Economics

Promotion from year to year in the Economics major requires a GPA of at least 2.3 on a minimum of ★9 on the most recent assessment of academic standing.

Graduation with Majors in Economics requires a graduation average of at least 2.3 with an average of at least 2.3 in all senior-level Economics courses.

Ineligible to Continue in Major in Economics

Current majors who do not meet the promotion requirements will be notified that they are not eligible to continue in the Economics major, and their major will be changed to “Undeclared.”  Students should prepare to complete an alternate major. 
Students who are ineligible to continue in the Economics major are required to complete a subsequent full Fall/Winter (two-term) session and achieve a GPA of 2.3 on at least ★9 to be eligible to reapply to the major. Students will not be re-admitted on the basis of Fall term grades alone.
Students who are ineligible to continue in the major and have registered in courses restricted to Economics majors during March registration will be dropped from these courses.  Students will not be dropped from any other courses, or from non-restricted Economics courses.  Students are welcome to re-enroll in restricted courses after June 29.

Students who have been Required to Withdraw from the Faculty of Arts must present an AGPA of 2.3 to be readmitted to Economics.

Economics GPA Information Sheet

Applying to the Major in Economics

Current BA students in the Faculty of Arts can apply to the Economics major using the link below.  Intake dates below refer to current BA students only.  All other students should visit the University of Alberta Admissions site to begin a new application for admission and to check application deadlines.  
For current BA students, a GPA of 2.3 on at least ★9 in the most recent Fall/Winter (two-term) session is required for admission to the Economics major. Students are not considered on the basis of Fall term grades alone. For students applying from other faculties or institutions, an AGPA of 2.3 is required.
The Department of Economics will review applications to the Economics Major four times per year.  Late applications will not be considered. 
Intake Dates & Deadlines:

March Intake  (Application Deadline: February 29)
June Intake  (Application Deadline: May 15)
September Intake  (Application Deadline: August 15)
December Intake  (Application Deadline: November 15)

Certain courses in Economics are restricted to Economics majors until June 29.  To enroll in these classes during advance registration in March, students must apply for March intake, provided they are eligible.

Apply to the Major in Economics 

Restricted Courses

The following courses are restricted to Economics Majors until June 29:  ECON 384, 385, 386, 399, and all 400-level courses.   

All other students, including students ineligible to continue in the Economics major, may register after this date, providing they have the necessary prerequisites and the classes are not full.

ECON 299 is continuously restricted to Economics Majors.


For questions concerning the Major in Economics, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor