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Macro Seminar: José Dorich, Bank of Canada
Friday, September 8 2023  3:30 PM MDT
Tory Breezeway 2

 Talk Title: Assessing the importance of observed inflation expectations in inflation dynamics: a new approach (joint work with Jenna Rolland-Mills)

José Dorich was appointed Deputy Managing Director of the Bank’s International Economic Analysis Department (INT), effective August 16, 2021. In this capacity, he is a member of the Bank’s senior management team, contributing to the strategic direction of INT and providing leadership on the analysis of global economic conditions


Macro Seminar: Munseob Lee, University of California, San Diego
Friday, September 15 2023  3:00 PM MDT
Tory Breezeway 2

Talk Title: Allocation of Female Talent and Cross-Country Productivity Differences

Munseob Lee is an economist who concentrates his research efforts on macroeconomics, growth and development, firm dynamics, and Korea. He has investigated the factors that determine the growth of firms, with a particular focus on how government purchases can promote long-term growth of small businesses. Additionally, he examined the disproportionate effect of inflation, revealing that low-income households and black families are the most affected by rising prices in the United States.

Paper available to preview at:

Brown Bag Seminar: Jaitong Zhong, University of Alberta, Economics
Wednesday, October 4, 2023  Noon MDT
Tory 8-22

Talk Title: Learning in Non-routine Tasks: Productivity and Quality Improvement on a Digital Platform


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