Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm not an Economics major, can I take Economics courses?

The following courses are open to Economics Majors ONLY for registration until the end of June: ECON 384, 385, 386, 399 and all 400-level courses. All other students, providing they have the necessary prerequisite courses and the class is not full, may register after this time.

2. What Economics courses are restricted?

ECON 204 is restricted to Engineering students. ECON 299 is restricted to Economics Majors. ECON 481, 482, and 497 are restricted to Economics Honours. Other students may be considered for admission at a later date if space allows.

3. I'm an Engineering student - what are the prerequisites for ECON 282?

ECON 204 OR ECON 101 and 102.

4. What graduate Economics course are offered?

Graduate courses are numbered 5**.

5. My program requires me to take ECON 101 and 102 - can I take both in the same semester?

ECON 101 is the official prerequisite for ECON 102. Instructors of ECON 102 are not required to cover basic supply and demand theory and other elementary items covered in both courses, and typically will not do so. However, for students whose programs or schedules require it, permission to take ECON 101 at the same time as ECON 102, or to take ECON 102 without taking ECON 101 at all, is given on completion of this form. This form is for the use of the University of Alberta, Department of Economics, only.


Waiver of ECON 101 Prerequisite for ECON 102

If you require assistance with registration in any Graduate Economics courses, please contact the Grad Advisor.

For Undergrad courses, contact the Undergraduate Advisor or see staff in the General Office (8-14 Tory).