Eric J Hanson Memorial Lecture Series

Eric J Hanson Memorial Lecture Series

The Eric J. Hanson Lecture Series was established by friends and colleagues of Eric J. Hanson to commemorate his contributions to economics and to public policy in Alberta. Eric Hanson joined the Department of Economics at the University of Alberta in 1946, and he was Professor and Head from 1957-64. His work spanned all aspects of public finance, including education finance, health care finance, federal-provincial relations, and energy economics and the oil industry. The Hansonlecture features a distinguished economist addressing an important public policy question.

Short biography of Eric J. Hanson

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Past Lectures

22 2017-03-09 Nakamura, Emi High Frequency Identification of Monetary Non-Neutrality: The Information Effect Video
21 2016-03-17 Spier, Kathryn E. Recent Developments in the Economics of Litigation Video
20 2015-03-27 Hamilton, James D. Energy Challenges for the 21st Century 1.49 MB
19 2013-05-01
Carney, Mark Monetary Policy After the Fall 616 KB
18 2012-10-26
Borenstein, Severin What Will It Take To Make Renewable Energy Competitive
17 2011-09-27
Mintz, Jack The VAT as Game-Changing Tax Policy in the U.S. and Alberta Contexts
295 KB
16 2010-10-22 Lynch, Kevin G. Escape From The Productivity Trap: The Sequel (NA)
15 2009-10-16 Cowen, Tyler Should We All Be Keynesians Again? (NA)
14 2008-02-04 Dodge, David Monetary Policy Forty Years On 218 KB
13 2007-03-07 Lougheed, Peter E. The Growing Complexity of Governing (NA)
12 2006-03-21
Johnes, Geraint Education and Economic Growth
2.4 MB
11 2005-10-13
McKinnon, Ronald International Adjustment Under the Dollar Standard: Japan and China Versus the United States 572 KB
10 2000-09-26 Finckenstein, Konrad
The Role of Competition Law and Policy Framework: Bank and Airline Mergers as Illustrative Examples 199 KB
09 1997-11-28 Bird, Richard Taxation and Social Policy
08 1996-01-25
Maxwell, Judith
Social Dimensions of Economic Growth
337 KB
07 1993-11-24 Kroeger, Arthur Governments and the "Jobs" Issue 202 KB
06 1992-03-31 Kierans, Thomas E. The Quebec Challenge (NA)
05 1991-03-21 Foot, David Demography, Dependency and Deficits: The Case of Alberta (NA)
04 1989-11-01
Ritzen, Jozef Government and Job Training 1.7 MB
03 1989-05-18 Walsh, Cliff The Political Economy of Economic Advice
1.7 MB
02 1988-01-18
Crow, John The Work of Canadian Monetary Policy (NA)
01 1987-02-10 Whalley, John Tax Reform Options for Canada
1.7 MB