Certificate in Global Citizenship - Update

The Certificate in Global Citizenship is outlined the 2023/2024 University Calendar.

Please read below for details on how to register and contact educinfo@ualberta.ca with any inquiries, outlining "Certificate in Global Citizenship" in the subject line.

The Faculty of Education has reviewed the Certificate in Global Citizenship for alignment with the Undergraduate Embedded Certificate Framework (finalized May 2023) and determined that the Certificate is not compliant with the new framework and it is not feasible to make the necessary changes and ensure that it would be sustainable going forward. The Faculty, therefore, has made the difficult decision to no longer offer the certificate.

The last Convocation date for graduating with the Certificate will be June 2025 and students who have completed all Certificate requirements must apply for the embedded certificate (completed during the course of the current degree) by submitting this form no later than the deadlines outlined below. If your convocation date falls after June 2025, but you began your current degree before Fall 2024, and have completed or are registered in all the required courses for the Certificate, please submit the form above and reach out to the above email address (as soon as possible/before applying for graduation) for further information.


Expected Convocation

Program Details


Fall (November)

Education student completing courses in Spring Term 2024

April 20, 2024


Education student completing courses Summer Term 2024

July 20, 2024


Student from all other Faculties

August 20, 2024

Spring (June)

Education student completing courses in December 2024

November 20, 2024


Education student completing courses in April 2025

January 20, 2025


Student from all other Faculties

January 20, 2025

Before the Certificate application can be noted on your degree/graduation panel, students wishing to pursue this Certificate must apply for graduation through Undergraduate Student Services in their home faculty by their faculty's application deadline.