Certificate in Global Citizenship

The Certificate in Global Citizenship is outlined the University Calendar.

Please read below for details on how to register and contact gccd@ualberta.ca with any inquiries.


The Certificate in Global Citizenship is an embedded interdisciplinary certificate that recognizes undergraduate students at the University of Alberta who have an interest, understanding and ethic of global citizenship. The Certificate is open to undergraduate students across the university and can be earned in conjunction with multiple undergraduate degrees. While fulfilling the requirements for a major, minor, or Honours undergraduate program, students must complete a minimum 12 credits from a list of designated courses that focus on or are applicable to the study of global citizenship

In addition to one required course, Int D 404: Global Citizenship: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives, students can choose 9 credits from a list of courses from various Faculties across campus. These courses are outlined in the online University Calendar.


The Certificate in Global Citizenship is available to students across the University, regardless of faculty or program. All students must apply to have their courses verified by submitting this form.

Please submit your application in advance of the relevant deadline below and, ideally, when most of your Certificate courses have been successfully completed. If you are still completing Certificate requirements at the time of the deadline, you must still apply in advance of the deadline outlined. All pending courses will be monitored for successful completion.


Expected Convocation

Program Details


Spring (June)

Education student completing courses in December

November 20


Education student completing courses in April

January 20


Student from all other Faculties

January 20

Fall (November)

Education student completing courses in Spring Term

April 20


Education student completing courses in Summer Term

July 20


Student from all other Faculties

August 20

Before the Certificate application can be noted on your degree/graduation panel, students wishing to pursue this Certificate must apply for graduation through Undergraduate Student Services in their home faculty by their faculty's application deadline.


Certificates denote a specialized field of study and understanding. A Certificate in Global Citizenship indicates that students have thought through issues related to citizenship and its local and global implications in various fields of study.


An embedded credit certificate implies that the requirements of the certificate can be met by students during the completion of their regular degree program. The embedded certificate defines a specific area of focus for the student during the course of their degree program. In some cases, students may choose to complete courses extra to their degree in order to receive a certificate. Generally, requisite courses are taken in the process of meeting degree requirements, and count toward both the student's degree and the Certificate. As such, the Certificate in Global Citizenship is embedded within the students' undergraduate degree and is not a stand-alone credential. It is interdisciplinary in the way that the mandatory and complimentary courses approach issues and topics concerning global citizenship from a variety of disciplines from nearly all Faculties at the University of Alberta.