Aboriginal Teacher Education Program

Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP) is a Bachelor of Elementary Education degree (B.Ed.) program within the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. The program works toward developing a greater understanding of Aboriginal culture and perspectives on teaching and learning, in all schools, but primarily in schools where Aboriginal children are learning. Our goal is to improve the educational experiences of Aboriginal children by increasing the number of Aboriginal teachers with an understanding of Aboriginal worldviews, knowledge systems, histories, educational experiences, and ways of knowing and being.

The program has had tremendous success over the last 18 years, playing a vital and direct role in improving education for Aboriginal children in northern, northern eastern and central Alberta, through culturally appropriate teacher education. Over 95% of ATEP graduates are currently teaching, working in various leadership roles, or pursuing graduate studies.

There are three cohort study options available to complete your degree: on-campus, distance, and off-campus. For each cohort, students will progress together through the program, taking the same courses. Therefore, each cohort has specific admissions requirements.To be considered for admission, students must meet all entrance requirements and follow all application instructions for the cohort to which they are applying.

How to Apply