NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Strategic Construction Modeling and Delivery

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The NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Strategic Construction Modeling and Delivery brings together construction industry owners, contractors, and labour groups working in Alberta and across Canada to develop comprehensive, research-based solutions to key industry problems.

Giving particular attention to Canada’s oil and gas, utilities, industrial, and commercial construction sectors, the Chair focuses on strategic issues related to project execution and delivery. Research is being carried out on how to increase productivity, improve organizational competencies and performance, reduce project execution risk, improve construction workforce motivation and performance, and enhance construction labour utilization and effectiveness.

The Chair’s research program takes advantage of fuzzy logic’s ability to capture and quantify the many subjective uncertainties that challenge construction projects. Researchers combine fuzzy logic with other forms of uncertainty modeling, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and simulation techniques to develop advanced decision support tools and approaches.

In addition to the NSERC Industrial Research Chair appointment, Dr. Aminah Robinson Fayek holds a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Fuzzy Hybrid Decision Support Systems for Construction. With its focus on developing real-time decision support systems for the construction industry, this Canada Research Chair will complement the Industrial Research Chair and expand the scope of the research being undertaken in the Hole School of Construction Engineering. State-of-the-art fuzzy hybrid modeling methods will be developed to address decision-making challenges in project planning and execution, such as those related to allocation of funds, duration of activities, and management of resources. In conjunction, the NSERC Industrial Research Chair and the Canada Research Chair will contribute to the creation of a more innovative and competitive Canadian construction industry.

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