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eHUB is a resource for all students, post-docs and recent alumni (within 1 year of graduation) of any background or faculty. Members gain access to a vibrant entrepreneurial community at the University of Alberta.

eHUB is an honest broker to provide co-curricular educational opportunities and enhance entrepreneurial thinking within the U of A community. eHUB is free and does not take any material interest in the companies it supports. eHUB does not provide legal advice. In some cases, due to generous donor support, eHUB provides limited startup funding and/or program support (typically $1K) and has a limited number of one-time, competitive awards for high-performing incorporated student startups (up to $4K). These awards can support student clubs and programs, businesses, non-profits, social, environmental and cultural ventures.

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Have an Idea? Whether you have an incorporated company or just an idea, you are welcome to join our community. The first step includes applying to become a general member of eHUB.

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Rural eHUB is a collaboration between the University of Alberta, Alberta School of Business, the 4-H Foundation of Alberta and Rural Alberta’s Development (Legacy) Fund to support and encourage youth, high-impact rural entrepreneurship in Alberta. The Rural eHUB program is administered through eHUB, the University of Alberta’s entrepreneurship centre, run by the eHUB Entrepreneurship Centre at the Alberta School of Business.

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