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Welcome to the Faculty Women's Club

The club provides members with social, creative, and athletic activities throughout the year. We are always accepting new members and encourage you to explore our site to see what might interest you.

The Faculty Women's Club is a very dynamic organization that offers fun, friendship and support to its members through special events and activities.

The Club offers a wide array of Interest Groups. There is something for everyone. Have a look at our Interest Groups section to see what we are all about. You will also find up-to-date information on our activities in the Events section.


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The membership fee is $50.00 per year ($40.00 if it is paid by the membership meeting in September). Our Membership page is where you will find all the details on eligibility. **Fees are waived for 2021-2022 due to the pandemic**

Executive Members

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The Faculty Women's Club Constitution was updated last in 2010. This document describes how the club is organized and run.

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In the interest of privacy we do not publish contact information for our members or executive committee.

Please refer to the members directory, or you may contact the President or Membership Secretary if you need further information.