Foundations Course

The Foundations Course is held annually in early July. This is a mandatory course for urban residents.
The overall goals for the Foundations Course are for residents to:

  • start building collegial relationships with their colleagues and the Department of Family Medicine,
  • start to build their own identity as family medicine physicians and build a connection to family medicine,
  • develop skills needed to operate as a family medicine resident in urban and rural Alberta settings, and
  • participate in workshops to learn procedural skills and advanced family medicine skills.

The curriculum for the Foundations Course was built based on resident and faculty feedback and will cover the following:

Orientation for R1s
  • Key skills for treating the acute patient
  • Medical Emergency Simulation
  • Critical Scenario Debriefing
  • Approach to on call scenarios
  • Key Family Medicine Skills for R1s
  • Forms (WCB and Drivers Medicals)
  • Advanced Care Planning/Death Certification
  • Obstetrical Skills Workshop