The Department of Family Medicine can help students organize family medicine electives in the greater Edmonton Area.

Please note, due to an increase in demand for urban family medicine electives in Edmonton and area, we can only approve a maximum of two weeks of urban elective experiences per student.

Urban family medicine offers and array of different opportunities for the students. Students should be aware that the following electives will count towards your two week allotment:

  • Sports medicine
  • Inner city
  • Geriatrics

There are also two opportunities that are not counted in your two weeks allotment that you can try to take advantage of:

  • 1 week with a primary care hospital team
  • 1 week with one of the primary care obstetrics teams

If you would like more information regarding electives, visit the Electives Catalogue.

For students attending Canadian medical schools who wish to complete an urban family medicine elective in Edmonton, please visit the Application Procedure page. (these electives are booked through the AFMC portal).

For students attending medical schools in the United States, please visit the Electives in the United States page.

For further information please contact:
Bora Kim