Electives Catalogue Year 3 and 4

NetCare & Connect Care 

Depending on the elective, NetCare and/or Connect Care may be required.

NetCare: When access is required, visiting students must request access a minimum of 6 weeks before the elective start date. Please consult the "Netcare" information tab at the bottom of our Institution Profile for more information about how to request this access.

Connect Care: When access is required for an elective, visiting students will be sent details closer to the elective start date, as this is a in-class training and is NOT available currently online. Students will receive an email will be from AHS directly, not the department or the UME visiting electives.

Rural Elective Diversification

Rural electives will be classified based on the predominant role or primary training of the preceptor.



Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Clinical Anesthesiology

Art & Humanities in Health & Medicine (AHHM) Program

Art in Medicine (AIM) Project: Clinical Elective

Directed Studies in Medical/ Health Humanities: Clinical Elective

Medical/Health Humanities: "Mix and Match"

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Red Deer Emergency Medicine


An Experience in Bioethics

Family Medicine

Evidence Based Medicine - Research

Reproductive and Sexual Health in Family Medicine

Reproductive Health, Breastfeeding and Infant Nutrition Care in Primary Care

Inner City & Addictions Medicine

Inpatient Cancer Care Hospitalist

International Traditional Chinese Medicine

Northern Medicine - Inuvik

Primary Care Hospital Team - PCHT

Rural Electives

Sports Medicine

Urban Family Medicine


Medical Genetics and Genomics



International Electives

Graz Electives

Munich Electives

Zhejiang Electives

Laboratory Medicine


Obstetrics and Gynecology




Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Public Health and Preventive Medicine