The social contract of the Department of Family Medicine (DoFM) includes the obligation to direct our education, research, and service activities towards the priority health concerns of the communities we are part of. These priorities are determined jointly by government, health care organizations and the people.

In concert with other key stakeholders, particularly our health region partners, the department will play a major role in influencing the course and direction of primary care change as it unfolds in Alberta in the decades ahead. The strategic plan of the department is a living document developed around three strategic themes or pillars.

Strategic Themes or Pillars


DoFM contributes significantly to the University of Alberta's undergraduate medical education efforts and manages the largest physician residency program in Alberta. Undergraduate enrolment is increasing rapidly, and concomitant increases in family medicine residency numbers are expected.


The Department's Research Program has three themes:

  • Foundational primary care research
  • Increase the department's research capacity
  • Support major, targeted research initiative

Health Services

Health Services form the third strategic theme of the department. During the next few years DoFM will strive to teach family medicine in environments that embody excellence in primary care. Such excellence is dependent upon increased access to care, as well as the existence of meaningful quality-of-care metrics.