Resident Research

One of the objectives of the Research Program is to enhance the research and scholarly skills of learners. In the Family Medicine Residency Program, all first year residents are required to conduct four Brief Evidence-Based Assessments of Research (BEARs).

During each year of the two-year residency program, each resident, in collaboration with their community preceptor and faculty advisor, is required to undertake a project on "Practice Quality Improvement" (PQI).

Support is also provided through "Resident Research Evenings" which are held monthly. This is a time for residents to network with each other, as well as faculty members, and collaborate or get assistance with research and scholarly projects.

The opportunity also exists for residents to do a Research Elective in both Year 1 and Year 2 of the residency program.

Research and scholarly workshops and presentations include:
a two-day evidence based medicine workshop at the beginning of the first year of residency, journal reviews, research presentations and evidence based medicine presentations during each monthly Academic Half Day session, and resident research day held each June

Residents have the opportunity to develop research and scholarly skills necessary for quality assessment and improvement of clinical practices as well as critical thinking and evidence based medicine to keep up to date and solve problems at the point of care.