Welcome to Our Program

We offer a dynamic and flexible residency experience designed to ensure that, at the end of the two years, our residents feel ready for independent practice. 

We deliver our program from four streams: Edmonton, Red Deer, Grande Prairie and Yellowknife. Each stream has its own unique curriculum geared towards meeting the needs of our residents and the communities they will serve.

We expose our residents to a broad variety of clinical settings including a minimum of 9 months family medicine (academic, community, rural) as well as hospital-based rotations, acute care experiences, and complimentary specialty areas. We believe this broad exposure encourages career exploration (you won’t know what you’ll like until you try it!) and builds confidence (you won’t know what you’re capable of until you try it!).

We complement our excellent clinical training with strong academics plus exceptional research, teaching and leadership opportunities. As well, we strive to be supportive and understanding of the various challenges our residents may face as they progress through their residency journey.

Our program is challenging for sure! But it prepares our residents to graduate feeling competent and confident to provide great comprehensive care no matter what their future practice goals may be.

Michelle P Morros
Associate Professor