Family Medicine - Residency Program

Welcome to the Family Medicine Residency Program at the University of Alberta.



Rigorous and comprehensive - our residents graduate feeling ready for practice



Flexible and adaptive - tailor your training to best prepare you for your community



Resident Wellness a top priority - responsive to resident needs


Interview/CaRMS Specific Information 

Online information sessions hosted by current residents, preceptors, and the program director will be taking place in January and February. Events will be posted on the CANPRePP calendar.

These will include urban site specific, rural site specific, and IMG specific information sessions.

Residents will be posting on the Family Medicine Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Pages:

Instagram: ualberta_dofm

Facebook: UofAFM

Twitter: @UAFamilyMed

YouTube: uafammed (CaRMS 2021 Playlist)

Family Medicine Interview Dates

For Edmonton: March 11, 14, 19, 20, 2021

For Rural: March 13, 14, 15, 2021

All interviews will be conducted virtually.


Program will notify all applicants through CaRMS Online and will send email invitations directly to applicants selected for an interview.

Several opportunities for an online program orientation with the program director will be held prior to the interviews. 

For the CaRMS 2021 cycle, the interview period will include Virtual Orientations hosted by the Program Director, Distributed Site Co-directors and Resident Co-chiefs. Opportunities to interact with residents will also be provided.

Each interview will consist of two parts that will occur on the same day in the order you choose:

An asynchronous portion where the applicant will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in family medicine by recording their responses to 2-3 requested tasks. The tasks will clearly be family medicine related such as “presenting a case” or communicating results to a patient. Applicants will be provided details at the time of their interview invitation. This will not be knowledge based and applicants will have plenty of time to comfortably complete the tasks.

A synchronous portion where applicants will have the opportunity to meet an interview team “face to face” (virtually) to share their passion and desire for family medicine and for the UofA program in particular. This will also provide the opportunity for those that are not sure of their choice to ask questions and decide if our specialty and our program are the best fit for them.

*For Rural Candidates* the synchronous portion will be specific to rural family medicine.

The University of Alberta ideal candidate:

  1. Demonstrates a genuine passion for family medicine. 
  2. Demonstrates a solid knowledge base and excellent critical thinking skills.
  3. Demonstrates superior communication skills.
  4. Demonstrates a deep sense of responsibility to the community, including diverse populations and multiple settings. 
  5. Demonstrates adherence to the highest professional standards. 
  6. Takes responsibility for their own well-being in order to ensure they are able to fulfill their responsibilities given the physical and emotional demands of a rigorous residency training program.

IMGs who wish to compete for postgraduate medical training positions in Alberta are eligible to apply to IMG positions at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary provided they have applied to and been assessed as eligible by the Alberta International Medical Graduate Program (AIMG) Program.

The AIMG Program determination of eligibility to participate in the match process is valid for the specified match year only. Please visit the AIMG Program website ( for details on deadlines, eligibility criteria and the application process.


Contact Information


Dr. John Chmelicek
Program Director

Dr. Michelle Morros
Associate Program Director

Erika Siroski
Program Coordinator

Red Deer

Dr. Jack Bromley
Site Co-Director

Dr. Cayla Gilbert
Site Co-Director

Jessica Horvath
Site Administrator

Grande Prairie

Dr. Valentin Duta
Site Co-Director

Dr. Brad Martin
Site Co-Director

Jane Schotz
Site Administrator


Dr. David Pontin
Site Co-Director

Dr. Hannah Shoichet
Site Co-Director

April Lau
Site Administrator
867.767.9105 ext. 40232


Dr. John Chmelicek
Program Director


Dr. Michelle Morros 
Associate Program Director

Welcome to Our Program

We are dynamic, flexible and innovative. We are family friendly, active, and supportive. Welcome to the University of Alberta Family Medicine Residency Program! We are dynamic, flexible and innovative. We are family friendly, active, and supportive.

We proudly provide a world-class residency program following the Triple C curriculum. We offer many urban and distributed residency training sites in diverse communities, with academic support based within the University of Alberta.

The diversity in communities we work with allows us to offer residents choice in their education. Common academic standards are complemented by great latitude in the educational experience so learners can shape their education based on both community and future practice needs. The Family Medicine training program, accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada, provides clinical, research, teaching, and leadership experience in a variety of settings that prepares residents to serve the needs of Albertans, Canadians and the world throughout their careers.

The University of Alberta family medicine community and I look forward to sharing your journey and your passion in pursuit of being comprehensive family doctors.

John J T Chmelicek
Associate Professor

Our Program

Family Medicine at the University of Alberta is made up of 4 sites. Edmonton, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, and Yellowknife.

Program Supports

Resident wellness is key to success and therefore a priority for our program.

  • Dedicated assistant program director for Resident Support
  • One Faculty Advisor assigned to each resident
  • Dedicated Site Directors and Site administrators
  • Regular assessment and feedback
  • Office of Advocacy & Wellbeing (OAW)
  • PARA - Professional Association of Resident Physicians of Alberta


After completing the University of Alberta Family Medicine Residency Program residents can apply to an R3 (Enhanced Skills) year in any one of the programs listed below. All Category 1 programs lead to a CAC (Certificate of Added Competency) upon successful completion.

  • Care of the Elderly, 6m and 12m
  • FM-EM, 12m
  • Sports Medicine, 12m
  • Palliative Care, 12m
  • Family Practice Anesthesia, 12m
  • Enhanced Surgical Skills, 12m
  • Obstetrical Surgical Skills, 6m
  • Occupational Medicine, 6m (Category 2)