5.10 Fraudulent and Falsified Documents

Suspicion of Fraudulent or Falsified Documents

If a department suspects that an application file contains fraudulent or falsified documents, a copy of the file should be forwarded to the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) with explanation.

If a department suspects that the transcript and/or the translation are fraudulent, the department may choose to send copies of both the transcript and the translation (if available) directly to the institution and request verification. If departments need the address of an institution, GPS may be able to provide it.

If a department suspects that letters of recommendation are fraudulent, the department should contact the referees for confirmation of their letters and include a copy of the recommendation letter; or the department can ask GPS to confirm letters.

If a department suspects a TOEFL score is fraudulent, the score can be verified, providing the score is less than two years old, by calling TOEFL at 1-800-257-9547. For assistance with other approved English language examinations, please contact GPS.

In each case, GPS will do an assessment to determine whether the documents are falsified, and may charge the applicant under the Code of Applicant Behavior, available from University Governance.