5.22 Staff as Graduate Students

University of Alberta employees (whether academic staff, support staff, or other staff) may be considered for admission to graduate programs provided that any conflict of interest between the individual's roles as a staff member and as a graduate student will be absent or minimal. Any department wishing to admit a University staff member to a graduate program may first consult the Dean, Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS). Reference may also be made to the University of Alberta's "Conflict Policy - Conflict of Interest and Commitment and Institutional Conflict" and the associated assessment procedure.

Regular Full-time Continuing Faculty

Regular full-time continuing faculty shall not take a graduate degree program in a department where they teach.

Support Staff

Support staff shall not have their employment supervisor as their thesis supervisor or examining committee member.

Administrative Professional Officers (APOs)

Article 8.05 of the Administrative and Professional Officer Agreement (APO Agreement) states that APOs shall not be students in the same department as that in which they are employed as a staff member, although exceptions may be made with the approval of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic), and the Dean, GPS.

Sessional Lecturers

Sessional Lecturers may be enrolled as graduate students in the department where they are teaching, but conflict-of-interest possibilities between their roles as teachers and students must be avoided.

(FGSR Executive, 1990/01/16; updated 2005/06/13)