5.13 Departmental Recommendation for Admission

It is the responsibility of the department to complete the departmental section of the Application for Graduate Admission form once the evaluation has been completed.

It is recommended that a department make a decision within two weeks of receiving a completed file or let the applicant know that there will be a delay, giving reasons for the delay and the expected decision date.

The department may admit subject to a condition(s) being met (e.g., evidence of satisfactory completion of a specified degree). Departments should ensure that the condition(s) is precisely defined so it may be clearly conveyed to the student in the conditional admission letter sent by the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) (see Admission with Conditions in 5.11 Application Evaluation).

When admitting to a master's degree program the department must specify whether the student will be pursuing a thesis-based or a course-based route.