Financial Support

Financial aid is available for students who need additional financial support beyond awards, scholarships, and prizes. The following sources can be accessed at UAlberta for those seeking additional financial support:
  • Department Support
    The University of Alberta offers financial assistance at both the Faculty and department level, however, graduate funding approaches vary among departments. Students should contact the department offering their program to find out how graduate students are supported. (Note: You can access the department’s website via the program page hosted on this site; each page provides preliminary information and a link to the department site, located at the bottom of the page under “Contact.”)
  • Graduate Students Association
    The Graduate Students' Association offers financial support, specific to graduate students, in the form of grants, awards and bursaries. Please visit the GSA Grants, Awards and Bursaries web page for more information.
  • Student Financial Support at the Office of the Registrar

    There are a number of scholarships and awards available to all University of Alberta students through Student Financial Support. Please visit the Financial Support section of the Office of the Registrar's website for more information.

    You can inquire with Student Connect regarding the following:
    Government Student Loans
    Graduate Bursaries
    Emergency student loans

  • Student Loans
    All graduate students may have their student loan documentation completed at the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR).
    If you are a returning full-time student and not applying for another student loan this academic year, you must contact your provincial government to ensure your interest-free status.
    For detailed information on graduate student loan procedures, please view the student loan memo.
  • Tuition Payment Options

    For information on student tuition payment options, please see this page. Please note: tuition payment options are not determined by the FGSR.