Award Resources

There is a new GSMS awards portal that will manage all FGSR administered awards and will replace almost all paper forms. If you are a recipient of an award, scholarship, or a prize, you will be notified via an official email and intray message within GSMS Awards portal. To access your portal, log in to My Awards Portal using your CCID and password.

All recipients of FGSR-administered awards are required to read the Scholarships and Awards Manual carefully as it will answer many frequently asked questions (FAQ's) you might have about your award. If you choose to accept the award, you must adhere to the terms and conditions as identified in the document. Follow the below steps to manage your award, and contact FGSR Award Services at if you require further clarification.

DISCLAIMER: Only travel awards are open for application at the moment, but all existing awards can be managed through the portal.

All departmental awards are currently available to view through a searchable database.

If you are Department/Faculty Staff and Adjudicator, please see training materials below.