5.2 Creating a File

The department should keep all original application documents until the file has been evaluated and the applicant is recommended for admission to the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS). The complete file is then forwarded to GPS.

If documents arrive in GPS with an indication of the applicant's intended department, GPS will forward these documents to the department. If an applicant has indicated that a missing item has been sent to the University of Alberta, the department should contact GPS to see if it has been received.

Graduates of the University of Alberta

If an applicant is a University of Alberta graduate or graduand and has not since attended another institution, GPS requires only a completed Application for Graduate Admission form for the degree requested and a recommendation from the department. No other documents are required for admission purposes as transcripts and letters of recommendation are internally available to the department. Departments may have additional requirements.

New to the University of Alberta

In support of an application new to the University of Alberta for admission to graduate studies, GPS requires: 1) a completed Application for Graduate Admission form with a recommendation from the department; 2) transcripts and marksheets; and 3) proof of proficiency in English, where applicable.

GPS does not require letters of recommendation, except in special circumstances. Departments should develop their own policies on requirements for letters of recommendation (see Letters of Recommendation).