5.4 Application Fee

Effective September 1, 2004, the Board of Governors approved a $100 CDN fee for all applications to graduate programs. More information on the application and fee process can be found under Applying and Admissions.


Online Application for Admission

The $100 CDN fee is charged at the end of the process of completing an online web application. The fee must be paid by either Visa or Mastercard.


Paper Application for Admission

Applicants are instructed to submit their application form and payment directly to the Registrar's Office (RO).

The RO will enter the application into the Student Administration system, process the fee and forward the application and any documents to the department for evaluation.

Countries Waived from the Graduate Application Fee

If the applicant's correspondence address is from one of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGSR)-designated low-income countries, the web application process will automatically waive the fee and the applicant will bypass the credit card payment portion of the web application.

This list is updated periodically by FGSR and is available under Applying and Admissions.

Allocation of Application Fee Funds

Early in the fiscal year, FGSR will allocate 40% of the funds to departments, 40% to FGSR, 15% to central administration and 5% to the Registrar's office, as approved by the Board of Governors.