5.19 Aboriginal Student Admission Policy

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) is committed to the development of a University environment which encourages honor and respect for Aboriginal communities, in recognition of their unique position as descendants of the First Peoples Nation and the spirit and intent of their relationships in Canada.

Students of Aboriginal ancestry, within the meaning of the Constitution Act, 1982, section 35(2), are strongly encouraged to apply for admission. The FGSR has developed a series of recruitment and retention initiatives to enhance the learning experiences of Aboriginal students on the campus.

In accordance with the FGSR admission policy, Aboriginal students may be considered for admission on the basis of their life experience (see "Guidelines for Considering Life Achievement" in 5.11 Application Evaluation). The FGSR advocates the admission of Aboriginal applicants by individual departments.

(FGSR Council, 1997/05/23)