Graduate Program Manual

5.17 Readmission

Students who fail to register appropriately each year will be considered to have withdrawn from their program. If they wish to resume work on the program, they must have their program and circumstances reassessed by the department in terms of the regulations in force at the time of reapplication.

There is no guarantee of readmission. If a student is readmitted, a readmission fee may be assessed in addition to the fees assessed according to the student's registration. A waiver of the readmission fee has to be recommended by the department to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR). The decision to waive the readmission fee rests with the Dean, FGSR.

It is recommended that the department consider the following details before readmitting a student:

  • Why did the applicant abandon the program? Has the applicant been active in the same field? Can the applicant's knowledge of the field be considered to be current?
  • Is the thesis/project completed?
  • Are all courses previously completed relevant at present? Will the applicant be required to complete additional coursework?
  • If the applicant has passed the candidacy examination, does the department feel that the examination is still relevant, or will it be necessary for the applicant to re-take the candidacy or some substitute examination?
  • When is the applicant expected to convocate?
  • Does the applicant also require an extension to the original admission date? If so, the department should deal with this matter at the time of readmission (see Extensions in the Calendar). Time limits for completion of program requirements for graduate degrees and postgraduate diplomas are calculated from the time the student first registers in that program (see Time Limit for Completion of Graduate Programs in the Calendar).