6.1 Responsibility Advising and Permission to Register

Although students are ultimately responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their own registration, it is the responsibility of the department and specifically the supervisor and/or supervisory committee to assist the graduate student in planning the student's program (see Responsibilities Related to Graduate Programs in the Calendar).

The admission letter recommends that the student contact the department for advice prior to registration.

Continuing students receive an e-mail from the Office of the Registrar directing them to their Bear Tracks account. Here, students can access their registration eligibility date, unofficial transcripts and other information.

Departments should ensure that their students have been advised to consult with their supervisor or program advisor. The supervisor or other designated department advisor should counsel the student concerning registration in courses, a combination of courses and thesis or department-designated project course, or thesis or project only, whichever is appropriate for that student. If coursework is necessary, the supervisor or advisor should assist the student in selecting the courses required for the graduate program.

(FGSR Council, 1974/10/18)

Information on registration in undergraduate courses during graduate programs can be found in the Calendar under Course-based Master's Programs, Thesis-based Master's Programs and Doctoral Degrees.