6.9 Registration Status

Students are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of their registration. They are also responsible for adjustments in registration.

Information on Registration Status can be found in the Calendar.

For further information on Registration Status, including guidelines on part-time status for students in thesis-based programs, refer to Policy Updates on the GPS website.

If you require further information on registration status, please speak with the departmental graduate advisor or go to the Contact Us page on the GPS website under Graduate Program Services.

Important Note
Implications of Part-Time Registration for Study Permit Holders:

While international students are considered to be maintaining the conditions of their study permit by registering part-time or full-time; international students need to be aware that they are not eligible to work on-campus or off-campus during part-time studies. Furthermore, part-time registration status may also affect their eligibility for the Post Graduation Work Permit.