6.21 Withdrawal from the University

Graduate students who wish to withdraw from a term or from their program should complete a Withdrawal form. For students in degree or diploma programs, this form must be approved by the department and submitted to the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS). Please see "Termination Made by a Student" in 7.13 Administration of Graduate Programs for more information.

After a Withdrawal form has been approved and processed, a fee adjustment will be calculated, and any refund will be authorized according to the Refund Deadlines in the Calendar. The date used for the purpose of calculating the refund is the one on which GPS received the Withdrawal form. (See Academic Schedule, Dates, and Deadlines in the Calendar for Refund Deadlines.)

Students who withdraw without completing a Withdrawal form will not be eligible for any refund of fees, nor will they be exempt from paying assessed fees that are unpaid.

If after withdrawing from a graduate program students wish to reapply for admission their application will be considered in the current competition for places with all other applicants.