6.15 Changes to Registration

Changes to Registration Prior to the Close of Web Registration

Students should use Bear Tracks during the period that it is available to make changes to their registration (adding, dropping) for all unrestricted courses. No credit will be given for a course unless it is included in the student's registration.

Courses dropped prior to the registration deadline are deleted from the student's record and do not appear on the transcript; fees are not assessed for those courses.

Changes to Registration After the Close of Web Registration

In the best interests of treating all students from all graduate programs equitably, the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) will adhere to registration deadlines and regulations as set out in the University of Alberta Calendar and shown on Bear Tracks. All changes to registration, once approved by the department, must be received by GPS no later than these deadlines.

Adding a course after the close of web registration

The student must contact the teaching department and sign a Courses to be Added/Deleted form. The department submits the completed form along with a notation from the course instructor stating that the student has been attending classes, or is expected to successfully complete the course after starting late. Forms received in GPS without this notation and departmental approval will be returned to the department.

Withdrawing from a course after the close of web registration

The student must complete a Withdrawal form and submit it to GPS for approval and processing.

Students who withdraw from courses after the close of web registration will have those courses recorded on their transcript as a withdrawal (W). Students may withdraw from courses up to the deadline dates found in the Academic Schedule of the Calendar.

Students who withdraw from courses before the Refund Deadline will receive a 50% refund of instructional fees. Exceptions may apply; students must consult their department or GPS. There are no further refunds for withdrawals after the Refund Deadline. The date used for the purpose of calculating the refund is the one on which GPS received the Withdrawal form. (See Academic Schedule, Dates, and Deadlines in the Calendar for Deadlines.)