6.7 University of Alberta Students on Formal Exchanges (Outgoing)

Outgoing University of Alberta exchange students remain classified in their ongoing program and register in an Exchange course (EXCH) for the period of the exchange.

An outgoing University of Alberta student who is participating in a formal exchange program must consult with their department, and attend an information session held by the International Centre. Students must also make an appointment to meet with the Exchange Coordinator who will provide them with the necessary forms. Consult the International Centre at for more information.

The student must complete a University of Alberta Permission to Participate form and a Student Exchange/Study Abroad Program form. The Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) uses the latter to enroll the student in the appropriate Exchange course at the University of Alberta for registration and fees purposes.

For information on incoming exchange students, see "Visiting Graduate Students on Formal Exchanges" in 5.12 Categories of Graduate Students.