6.5 Conditionally Admitted Continuing Students

All admissions with conditions have time limits by which the conditions must be met.

Students who were conditionally admitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) but who have not fulfilled the requirements as stated in their conditional admission letter prior to the date specified will not be permitted to register again until the requirements have been met, unless the department recommends an extension to the time limit, or alternative but equivalent conditions to the FGSR. Proof that the requirements have been met should be submitted to the FGSR as soon as possible.

In cases where requirements remain unfulfilled, the department may submit a letter to the FGSR setting forth both the reason for the requirements not being met and a date by which this will be done. Only when the requirements have been met and approved by the FGSR, or the letter of explanation from the department has been received and approved by the FGSR, will the student be permitted to register.