6.25 Off-Campus Registration

A student is considered off-campus for a given term if the registration for that term consists exclusively of designated off-campus sections of courses (including, but not limited to, internet delivery, project, thesis, internship, practicum, study-abroad, and individual study courses as well as courses taught at locations other than the University of Alberta campuses). To register in an off-campus section of a course not available through Bear Tracks, contact the teaching department offering the course.

Graduate students who live more than 80 kilometers from Edmonton can be registered as off-campus students for thesis research and project courses by contacting the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS).

All students registered in M REG 800 (Maintaining Registration) are off-campus students. To register, contact the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies.

Off-campus students are exempted from the PAW Centre, Athletics and Recreation, and the U-Pass fees and pay reduced amounts for the Student Academic Support and Student Health and Wellness fees.

All full-time students registered in Fall Term - even if off-campus - are assessed all other non-instructional fees, including the GSA Dental Plan Fee and the GSA Health Plan Fee (unless they manually choose to opt out of these health/dental plans).

Students registered in a combination of on-campus and off-campus courses are assessed either the full- or part-time on-campus rate, depending on their academic load. These students will be assessed a U-pass fee as well.