Graduate Teaching and Learning Program

The Graduate Teaching and Learning (GTL) Program is an initiative designed to help develop the teaching and learning skills of graduate students. The multi-tier program–a collaboration of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, departments and faculties, and the Office of the Vice-Provost (Academic Programs)–will deliver new and exciting opportunities for training in university instruction.

The GTL Program is open to all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and focuses on pedagogical theories. 

Details of the program are described in a GTL At-A-Glance for those participants starting in August 2016. For GTL participants who started prior to August 2016, please find the former GTL At-A-Glance here.

Enrol in the GTL Program.

Getting Started

  • GTL Program Level 1

    GTL Program level one is intended to provide an overview of pedagogical skills and concepts required for teaching at a post-secondary level.  Participants will receive a letter of completion listing all the sessions they have attended once they meet their Level One requirements.

    Participants must complete 20 hours of teaching sessions before their graduate program/postdoctoral fellowship ends.  15 hours must come from FGSR GTL sessions or online options and 5 hours can come from any source on or off campus that relate to teaching.  Five short reflections also need to be provided and these would relate to five hours of sessions not offered by FGSR.  If all your sessions are from FGSR, then reflections can be written about any of the sessions attended.

    Students who started their GTL program prior to August 2016 only: Students must complete 15 hours of FGSR GTL Program sessions before their graduate program ends. Please note: Sessions from the Centre for Teaching and Learning do not apply for requirements.

  • GTL Program Level 2

    Participants completing GTL Program Level Two will gain perspective of student learning and depth to their teaching experiences.  Participants may begin Level Two before completing the requirements of Level One, however completion of Level One must be demonstrated before credit on the transcript will be given for Level Two.

    Participants will be required to complete three program components: practical teaching skills, feedback from students, peers and teaching mentor, and completion of a teaching CV. A summary of these requirements are found in the Teaching Record Book. All forms relevant to Level Two are found under the GTL Program Level Two page. Departments and faculties may have additional requirements — please consult your departmental GTL coordinator for more information.

    Graduate students completing Level Two will receive a letter indicating they have met the Level Two requirements, and the following notation will appear on their transcript: Graduate Teaching and Learning Program completed. Postdoctoral fellows are not eligible for the transcript notation.

    Note:  Participants who started their GTL Level Two prior to August 2016 can complete Level 2 under either set of requirements.